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Austin Flood Victims Still In Need-Austin Disaster Relief Network Needs Your Help!


We are receiving some incredible stories of love, faithfulness and hope being restored from Disaster Relief Shepherd’s who have sponsored families affected by the recent flood disaster.  To date, 468 families have asked to be sponsored and almost 100 families have been sponsored by a church on the network, leaving an estimated 368 families that are still looking for the body of Christ to help them. Out of the 468 families that asked to be sponsored, 278 do not have insurance but 202 of these families are renters and 76 are home owners.

Here are 10 FAMILIES IN NEED from the 368 remaining and their situation:

1. Avila Family (children: 2 mo, 3, 8, 17, 19) – Home had major damage, no insurance, lost two vehicles, both used for work. Grandfather living with the family (8 living in home). Dad woke up with water in the house, quickly rose above his knees. He crawled out of the house window, jumped into his Taco Truck, escaped through roof window and then climbed on the roof of his house.  Rescue boats took their children and they were separated for 1.5 hrs before they could find them.

2. Benavides Family (Young mother, 5 months pregnant with 9 year old) – Single mom rents home (no flood insurance).  Lost everything including car (had insurance) – needs everything to get back on her feet. She tried to leave her home when the flood waters rose.  She could not get far and had to leave the car, knock on doors to get on neighbors roof with daughter and boyfriend.

3. Anicua Family (children: 3, 14, 18) – Major damage to duplex.  Rented but had no insurance.  Lost everything in the flood.  Currently staying in the duplex with no beds.

4. Ortiz Family (elderly) – Major damage to mobile home, no insurance. Lost 2 cars, liability only.  Desperate, needs a place to live. :Lost everything. Husband, diabetic.  (Spanish only)

5. Martinez Family (Children: 11, 9, 7, 5, 1) – Major damage, rented with no insurance. Lost everything. Needs help to get back on their feet.

6. Short Family (single, mid-age): Living in friends car on home property.  His trailer was destroyed in the flood. Lost everything.  Needs a place to live and household items.

7. Lozano Family (middle aged couple): Home had major damage. No insurance. Living in tent on the property. They don’t want to leave property because they have 3 dogs.  Medical conditions.

8. Martinez Family (single mom with 6 year old and pregnant) – Major home damage. Rented home. Needs help with household items, clothes/uniforms and find new apartment.

9. Wickowski Family (single) – Major damage to home (rented) – lost everything including main transportation. Had to climb into attic with girlfriend, dog and cats. Feet were touching the water.

10. Morrison Family (young adults: 27, 25) – family rented home.  Husband has serious back problems with a pacemaker, wife has nerve disease.  Needs help getting back on their feet.  No renters insurance.

**ADRN is looking for men, women and or life groups/bible study groups who will sponsor the remaining 368 families!!  Our next Disaster Relief Shepherd training is this Thursday.  Get trained, sponsor a family and ask friends, family or fellow church members to do the same!

Disaster Relief Shepherd Training, Thursday, 11/21 at Grace Covenant Church, from 6:30PM-10PM.  Training is FREE!  Click here to register now. 

To Sponsor a Family today, click here and send us your contact information and the local church you attend (including leadership info).

 NEW VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: ADRN and other ministries are preparing to begin the rebuilding process on many homes.  If you are a skilled laborer, such as Electrician, Plumber and/or have sheetrock/tape and flow skills, and you would like to volunteer your time, please email Kate at kate.johnston3@gmail.com.  There will be a big need for skilled sheetrock and tape & flow volunteers to coach spontaneous volunteers in the coming days.  Please send Kate your contact info!!

ADRN will be looking for volunteers to help with the rebuilding process soon.  Please watch out for future deployment emails.

To sign up for Clean-up Opportunities, click here.


  • Warehouse Volunteer We are asking for 30 volunteers a day at the warehouse, because the donations are great and we need help sort and distribute the donated items. If you are willing and available to help in a leadership role, which would be a bigger time commitment, please email mark@c3austin.org
  • Call Center Volunteer ADRN is asking for minimally 5 volunteers a shift to answer the phones (for survivors & general public) at our Call Center over the next several days.
  • Hospitality Volunteer ADRN is in need of volunteers to prepare meals for volunteers working at our Call Center.

If you have trouble signing up, please call 512-331-2200. May God strengthen His laborers to meet the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of those affected by this disaster!


Daniel Geraci

Executive Director,  Austin Disaster Relief Network

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